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 techanddtag (PTY) LTD.

Website Design / Web Applications

Our website designs are as custom as they come, unique, dynamic and professional. We design websites for every industry out there, that represents and propagates the client's objective. We expertly code web applications such as: login systems, web security, registration system, automatic emails, booking system & more.

 techanddtag (PTY) LTD.

SEO Management

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also at the core of our expertise in ensuring that your website is optimized to appear on search results of search engines like on Google. Furthermore, we are able to manage your website SEO to compete for search results rankings for products, services & other relevant online searches.

 techanddtag (PTY) LTD.

Social Media Management

Social media is an important tool in the modern world of communication, which organizations can also benefit from in terms of marketing purposes. We also create & manage organizational social media accounts, in an efficient manner that will attract numbers & drive online communication inline with the objectives of the client.


 techanddtag (PTY) LTD.

Brand Design

We also specialize in graphic designing that includes creating iconic logo's and other graphic marketing illustrations that are inline with the client's brand identity. We design from sketch, so that we can capture the vision of the brand in order to produce a precise and timeless design.

 techanddtag (PTY) LTD.

Business Administration

We register businesses that are serious about business, hence we take care of the formalities such as company registrations, compliance, business banking, business tax e-filling registration - so that management can start focusing on other business matters.

 techanddtag (PTY) LTD.

Cleaning Solutions

We also supply high quality tested, industrial grade cleaning solutions for offices/workplaces & households. These cleaning products are manufactured to provide an effective & robust way of removing germs & maintaining high hygiene standards.

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