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95% of web designing service providers use a basic template to create websites for their clients. This means that, you will not gain the following benefits apresented below, unless if you choose a custom web design service that we provide:

Benefits of custom built websites:

Shape your future web project with sharp design and refine coded functions.

  • Uniqueness- Unlike a template design, every website we design is unique to that customer. Therefore you will get a website that is not only different, but is designed to capture the attention of captivating your website visitors.
  • Scalability - Standard template websites are not expandable. Custom websites on the other hand are flexible & expandable in regards to introducing: additional content, layouts, new tech-features, custom requirements, traffic expansion management and many more into the website.
  • Better Security- Custom websites provide an opportunity to develop websites around best security practices, that can be consistently improved and updated. Using a template website design like most do, provides very limited or no security at all to a website, leading to constant security vulnerabilities.
  • SEO Support- Another great part about custom websites is that, knowing how SEO works, we can ensure that the design of the website, has all the necessary requirements that can assist your website to rank better in search engine results.
  • Client Input - The most important part of it all is to hear want the client wants pertaining to their website and ensuring it gets designed into the website as per request. A template website used by many, is not flexible and accurate enough to fulfill the client's vision about their website.

Whats the point of having a website if it's not usable for visitors?

Thanks to our 5-star rated user-friendly website designs.
Techandtag is the only website designing Company in S.A, that has been awarded rights to issue a trademarked User-friendly Certification Mark to all websites it produces. This confirms how usable our websites are & our clients can also use this Certification Mark as a marketing tool on their websites, to prove & promote the usability factor of their websites.
Lets look at the benefits of having a user-friendly website:

  • SEO Booster: According to Google Search Central, page experience (how usable the page of a website is to users), can be more important for ranking better in search results. This supports the fact that, a better user experience contributes to SEO.
  • Increased time on website: Internet users spend time on websites that offer a quality user-friendly experience, which leads to increased and consistent web traffic. This is due to the fact that user-friendly websites are enjoyable to visit, because they are simply usable.
  • Improved Sales: Based on the point above, when internet users spend time on a website, they are more likely going to commit to an offer or sale on that website, as supported in the 2021 study shows user-friendly websites that are mobile responsive made up 72% of e-commerce sales in 2021 worldwide.
  • Credibility Factor: According to a Stanford report, 75% of people judged a Company's credibility based on the user-friendly characteristics that are present in the website, hence usability has become a symbol of professionalism when it comes to websites.
  • Loyalty in Visitors: Not only user-friendly websites attract traffic, but also they are great in building a good reputation that makes visitors to revisit the same website consistently. This ensures that the websites is able to also maintain it's high traffic numbers over time.

On top of that, our website designs are also & always:


We design websites that look professional, so that our clients can look credible enough online. 


We design lighting fast websites, because they drive and increase online traffic into websites.


Our websites so responsive in such a way that they adjust automatically to all types of viewing devices.

Our website support Services include:

  • Domain Registration and hosting - we provide your website with technical support in securing a custom domain name for your website, including hosting setup to ensure that its live and ready for all to see.
  • Website updates - we can update website content on a regular bases, so to ensure that the website remains relevant online. Security improvements are also updated to ensure that your website applications remain secure.
  • Social Media setup / links - we can setup new social media accounts or links that can connect with your website content easily.
  • SEO Management - we also ensure that your website is optimized to start ranking on Google search engine, this includes submission of the website, monitoring performance, maintenance and troubleshooting the website in Google's Search Console for optimized search results.

Clients we serve:

Businesses / Organizations

We provide our services to all types of legal businesses from big ones to SME's in urban to townships areas. We also serve other institutions such as schools.


Weather you are an artist or model and looking to have your own professional website about yourself or career. We are there to create an awesome website for you. have a website, but its boring and not appealling

Solution, we call it "Pimp my site"

We also upgrade exiting websites with the latest designs, so that it puts a smile on your face and more importantly on your traffic.


Graphic Design

Perhaps you don't have a logo yet, worry not, we also design professional logo's to go along with your stunning website from us. Beyond logo design, we also specialize in other graphic designing illustrations for digital and print marketing. We design to create visual attention towards your brand's objectives, which will be as unique, magnificent and captivating as you are..


Social media & content management experts

We know how important social media is, especially in the modern world of communication. Techandtag is already equipped with online media skills, from setting up social media accounts, linking accounts into websites and managing online content - the professional way all the way.

Click below to see our main & additional services we provide:

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Our services are priced to be affordable, without compromising on quality and professionalism.


Tech&tag introduces: kasiMarket

KasiMarket is a online platform that seeks to promote township trading, where buyers & sellers
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